15 May 2009

All Mixed Up

OK, firstly Happy Birthday James Griffith - another year, another day!

So, been manic in the studio the last week putting Global together which I am finishing today - Halleluiah! Two discs, the first is pretty eclectic from Radiohead to James Holden with Doves to The Big Pink. The second CD is more club from Dubfire to Radio Slave. The idea is that it pretty much runs as one continuous DJ set and represents how I play over a 2 and a half hour time period. Pretty happy with it. Just going to live with it over the weekend and hopefully master it next week for a July release. Details of track listing and city to be released soon. You will be the first to know. Oh yeah and there is an exclusive new UNKLE track on there!

Other than that, still working on demos. Hooked up with a great new band this week called Sleepy Sun. Their live show was absolutely amazing - their debut is out now. Thoroughly recommend it! They are like a young Black Mountain. Hopefully we will do some tracks together.

Heard the new 'We Fell To Earth' album - it sounds great. Don't know when it is coming out but it will definitely be worth the wait.

I am off to Dublin tonight to DJ for the first time in a while which hopefully should be good and Ibiza on Sunday with Gavin to spend a week writing new songs and finishing existing tracks that we have worked on. Hopefully it will be productive and inspiring. To be honest with you I can't wait to get out of London for a bit - definitely got studio cabin fever at the moment!

Next week I will be blogging from there so until then have a good one!

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  1. James, I discovered your blog today, thanks for share your time with your fans. I really appreciate it. After read this post, I`m waiting for the new UNKLE album and your new mix as weel. I was missing your compilations.
    Thanks again.
    Fernando from Chile
    (the stupid chilean asking for a photo at Santiago Airport after unkle performace in Creamfiels)